Name: Athina

Job Title: Junior Assistant Brand Manager

Location: Athens, Greece

Who was your childhood hero and why did you look up to them?

My childhood hero was my father. For as long as I’ve known him he’s been someone deeply committed to learning and developing.

What is the most inspiring book you’ve ever read or play, film or work of art you’ve encountered? Please explain why.

I love ‘Minority Report’. Science fiction movies are great at sparking the imagination and making you think about your relationship to technology. To me, good movies give you food for thought.

What is the most memorable experience of your life to date?

Sky diving was the most memorable experience of my life. The moment you make the jump is strange, you’re nervous because you know you’re doing something that you’re not supposed to be doing, in a way. But then you just feel the cool air on your face an absolute sense of freedom. It’s an extraordinary feeling.

What is your most dominant characteristic? (It may help to think about what your friends or family have suggested this might be).

The characteristic I identify with most is being ‘dynamic’. I’m not a loud person, in fact I’m an introvert but I am very dynamic and proactive about things I’m passionate about.

What motto do you live your life by?

Everything happens for a reason. The good things give us the confidence to achieve bigger and better things. The obstacles make us stronger and wiser.

Explain a pivotal moment in your life and how it changed you.

Some years ago I had a car accident. Although it was a serious one, fortunately I had no serious injuries. The incident made me think differently. I realized that life is too short and we should give importance to things that actually matter.