Marijana Begonja

Key Account Manager, Croatia

  1. What is the most memorable experience of your life to date?

The most memorable experience of my life to date is moving from Canada to Croatia. When I was a baby, we moved from Croatia to Canada and I lived in Canada until I was 21. I always had a desire to move back to Croatia because in my heart, Croatia was always home. I was terrified though because this would be the biggest change I would be making in my life. Then one day I decided it was now or never and made the move. After 8 and a half years I am still here and have never looked back.


  1. What is your most dominant characteristic?  

I would say my laugh is my most dominant characteristic, and most likely everyone I know would agree. The reason for this is that I snort when I laugh – my colleagues even rate jokes on how funny they were based on how many times I snort.


  1. What motto do you live your life by?

No matter what you do in life, make sure you are happy. Although this seems obvious and maybe even cliché, we often forget to do what makes us happy and make decisions based on what is the smartest or safest choice. If you stop and ask yourself, “will I be happy?” and the answer isn’t yes, then that’s not the right decision. Always be on the pursuit of happiness.