Giorgio Siracusa

Vice President, Human Resources - Europe at Procter & Gamble

Diversity and inclusion are linked to P&G core values, and affect everything we do throughout the year. They are a vital part of what makes P&G a great company.

Our diversity enables us to serve our 900 million consumers in Europe with products and brands which are improving their daily life.

Our inclusive culture makes us strive to create a work environment at P&G where each and every person is welcomed and fully empowered.

In P&G Europe, we have people from innumerable backgrounds and traditions, with a wide array of personal experiences and points of view. We also have affinity groups that bring together women, LGBT employees and people with disabilities to help P&G build an inclusive culture - becoming aware of our unconscious biases and accepting differences. We still have a way to go to enable each and everyone to contribute to the business at their full potential, but we have laid a strong foundation.

Diversity is essential and inclusion is what changes the game. Together, diversity and inclusion generate a formidable competitive advantage for P&G to win in the business.  This short video is simple but powerful: #WeSeeEqual

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