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“I made technical improvements to innovative machinery”

Florian, Process Engineer

I’m a process engineer on the assembly where we build Braun products, and I’m responsible for technical and process improvement.

P&G engineers are tasked with technical projects from their first day. During my on-boarding phase, I worked on two lines that were accompanied by an automatic transport system. One line was running better than the other, and it was my responsibility to understand the machines, identify the area for improvement, devise a solution, and make the necessary changes. And all with little supervision—but lots of support if needed.

Today, I’m working on two other lines for our highest-selling, most technically advanced shavers. 95% of the process is automated, with little interference from humans. One station that really fascinates me is the ultrasonic welding machines, which attach a switch foil between the power button and shaver shaft—making the shaver air-tight and water-tight.

Another project that I’ve very recently worked on involves introducing sophisticated vision systems and robots to the LHT automation machine. Currently, human operators perform a complicated piece of assembly, but through 3D imaging, three new robots are now able to accurately complete a delicate, high-precision movement to assemble one element of the razor.

This is a really unique environment to work in; Germany has one of only two plants that build Braun products, with the other being in China. So, when I see a Braun product in a store or a friend’s bathroom, there’s a good chance I helped build it. And that’s pretty cool.

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