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“I eliminated a loss worth €60M in materials”

Theresa, Process Engineer

I work on Braun within Product Supply in manufacturing. My job is really hands-on, improving and optimizing our machines and equipment. My particular machine assembles one part of an electric shaver and includes several different technologies: a robotic arm, a welding station, and different vision systems. The overall aim of my role is to reduce losses through technical improvements, and I’m proud to say that, within my first month, I was part of a loss elimination that was costing P&G around €60,000 in materials.

P&G is always looking for better ways to do things. The company invests heavily in R&D to research new solutions and techniques, as well as to produce better and more environmentally friendly products. We’re never happy with the status quo and are always keen to hear new and innovative ideas from anyone anywhere within the company.

P&G has given me ample opportunity to grow my knowledge and skills. I studied electrical engineering and now I'm in mechanical engineering—I’ve essentially learned a completely new field of technology. Here, if you're passionate about something and it benefits the business, you have the freedom to develop and grow into that area. From working on manufacturing equipment to developing new technology within R&D to setting up new facilities from scratch, there are so many areas to explore.

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