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"I’m showing how being different can make a difference”

Vicky, Market Artwork & Content Expert for Oral and Shave Care

From Day 1, everyone in my team accepted the challenge to start with me a Diversity & Inclusion journey. As hearing-impaired employee, I differ from my co-workers but this is not the only challenge. The difficult part is to make the environment as inclusive as possible and this is something that P&G did.

P&G achieved it by being very open and by asking me to give my insights on inclusion to find the role that match 100% with my needs. This led to a successful onboarding in P&G while building strong relationships with my team. This amazing collaboration also led P&G in Greece to initiate a pilot program for live-subtitling to make all presentations and events more accessible for everyone.

This journey of Inclusion did not end there. During Diversity & Inclusion week, I delivered a presentation to my colleagues in Greece called ‘’ Hard of Hearing in a world of sounds’’ that detailed how life with disability really is and how we can make it easier. My colleagues were so ready to listen, challenge their own biases and having conversations about what inclusion means. Then, P&G encouraged me to give an external presentation to students called ‘’Be Different to Make a Difference’’. Today, I am actively involved with P&G’s People with Disabilities (PWD) network and I am working with others who are looking to reach at their peak at P&G.

From Day 1, P&G has seen my disability as a unique part of my voice and found ways to empower me to make the difference in and out of my role every day.

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