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From start to finish, you can count on our people in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Supply Network Operations to get the job done – and to do it better than anyone in the industry. And Gartner, a leading industry consulting firm, agrees. They recently named P&G as one of the four Supply Chain Masters – a perennial elite in supply chain.

Beginning with overseeing our materials all the way to placing our brands in the hands of shoppers, you’ll play your part as an expert integrator for supply across our many operations. You’ll start within one of our 15 diverse work areas, plan the demand and supply for the market, and then work to create the physical design of our supply networks across the world. It’s a big job to move some of the most-loved brands around the world, but by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, you’ll lead the efforts and innovate along the way.

Engineering is just one area of Product Supply at P&G, and is a well-oiled machine. Day after day, we’re innovating new products and driving cost-efficient solutions. Here, you’ll play a part in designing all the bells and whistles (and expert technology) to make our multimillion-dollar machines, plants and work processes that make our products. You’ll improve the capability, safety and productivity of all our systems, while reducing costs for our business.


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  • Florian, Process Engineer Florian, Process Engineer

    “I made technical improvements to innovative machinery”

    Florian, Process Engineer

    I work on two lines for our highest-selling, most technically advanced Braun shavers. The technology I work with is fascinating and includes ultrasonic welding machines, 3D imaging, and robots that are able to accurately complete delicate, high-precision movements on the assembly line.

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  • Theresa, Process Engineer Theresa, Process Engineer

    “I eliminated a loss worth €60M in materials”

    Theresa, Process Engineer

    My role is to continually optimize my machine, which includes several different technologies: a robotic arm, a welding station, and different vision systems. The overall aim of my role is to reduce losses through technical improvements, and, in my first month, I was part of a €60,000 loss elimination project.

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  • Joshua, Etching Dept. Operations Manager Joshua, Etching Dept. Operations Manager


    Joshua, Etching Dept. Operations Manager

    My current assignment is to manage the start-up of a brand new etching department, which uses chemistry at a molecular level to create blades by applying a chemical formula to sheet metal at extremely high pressure. Braun is experiencing strong growth at the moment, so this project has to be a success to meet demand and volume increases.

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